David Remy


Symbolism in “Jackson Roach & Company”: Unraveling Deeper Meanings

Ever wondered why some stories feel like magical adventures, even though they’re just words on a page? That’s because of something special hidden within them – symbols. Symbols are like the secret codes of storytelling, the hidden treasures that make stories more than just words. In “Jackson Roach & Company,” these symbols are like little puzzle pieces, waiting for us to put them together and unlock the deeper meanings of

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Ethical Dilemmas in a Post-Human World: The Triumph of Moral Courage

In the remnants of a world once dominated by humans, a new order emerges among the most unexpected of creatures: roaches. Their rise to prominence, however, is not without its challenges. Within this post-human world, a sinister cult takes root, posing ethical dilemmas that cut to the core of roach society. This blog delves into the profound moral struggles faced by these resilient insects, exploring the tension and depth these

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Exploring the Theme of Immortality in “Jackson Roach & Company” by David Remy

In the vast landscape of literary exploration, the theme of immortality stands as an enduring fascination, inviting readers to traverse the intricate realms of eternal life. Within the pages of David Remy’s novel, “Jackson Roach & Company,” this timeless concept undergoes a uniquely intriguing transformation as it unfurls within the lives of a humble roach family. Through the microscopic lens trained upon these minuscule creatures, David unravels profound philosophical and

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