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Would you ever believe that you could become emotional about roaches? You will! As you read JACKSON ROACH AND COMPANY. Enjoy becoming enthralled with the life and death challenges facing a community of roaches as they try to survive an evil plot in a dystopian world. Kidnapping and sacrificing infant roaches to create a serum to ensure lasting youth benefitting only a few elites. Will Jackson be able to overcome this overwhelming threat? Find out in the surprising and twist-filled ending.

in loving pursuit

What love has joined together even God cannot divide. Follow Colin and Carla’s discovery of this reality as they pursue that illusive thing called love, each going down separate paths to find it. Through a variety of real life, but incredible happenings, they mature and learn the inevitable truths of life and love which are worked out through everyone of the diverse characters who come into their lives. Travel the world with Colin and Carla as they pursue that love which they already had all along between them, but needed others and their own life experiences to confirm.

The story is told in the memoir genre. The time is the 1960’s and the world has a far different mindset than today. They were high school sweethearts, but when college comes along, they decide that they need to live their lives through separate callings to the church by becoming a priest and a nun. The story develops through the four years of their attempt to find the Holy Grail of love. Colin and Carla mature through the natural process of becoming involved in the lives of others. Life is not simple or boring. You will read how real people make up their minds and change their minds as the realities of life unfold. Will each find the love they pursue or recognize the love that they already possess inside themselves and between them? Does God or love win out in the end? Or both?

Cruise to Pandora

Lucky & Led are caught up in another cruise ship mystery. Yes, Led sees the girl of his dreams aboard this very cruise. This time our characters become embroiled with a ghostly crew of pirates from a sailing vessel long ago sunken deep down in the Great Barrier Reef. All looks hopeless until the secret weapon brought on board unleashes the spectacular weapon of mass destruction. But, who is behind all this mischief? Could it be one of the ship’s own? A mutineer? That’s what our favorite cruisers are about to discover as they ferret through the off limits corridors in the belly of the ship. Enjoy the third in the LUCKY & LED CRUISE SHIP MYSTERY series as Lucky, Led & companion cruisers get a vacation full of adventure. Oh, by the way, will Led actually find and keep his girlfriend this time? You’ll just have to download and read CRUISE TO PANDORA.

Cruise to Hell

Lucky Harris is a volunteer cruise ship chaplain. Led Daley is his traveling companion who is in constant pursuit of the lady for his life. The story develops with the characters little by little getting drawn into a dark, hellish situation. The local island witch doctor needs new blood and has the young teen daughter kidnapped. Unbeknownst to anyone, the daughter has an advocate aboard who is ready to do angelic battle with the power of the devil. This is a cruise story with a supernatural twist that will keep you page turning through the flaming battle between good and evil waged in the ship’s chapel during a hurricane. Plenty of action and adventure for anyone who enjoys cruising. The reader will recognize many of their own cruise experiences with the added attraction of the adventure event you most likely don’t want to sign onto for yourself. It will be a lot safer just reading about it in CRUISE TO HELL.

Cruise to Critique

Lucky and Led join a weekend cruise and find that a local Miami journalist has been assigned to write a cruise critique. Though our journalist is concerned about food and entertainment, the adventure really involves the CIA, smuggling, duplicity of character and a couple of murders. WOW! More than she bargained for. Of course, Lucky and Led step right into the middle of the whole mixed up affair and help to solve the whole mess with the help of a long time acquaintance, the Chief Inspector of Security, Sanjay Mehta, from their CRUISE TO MAYHEM adventure. Set on the beautiful and exotic island of Grand Cayman, the adventure unfolds when two packages meant to be smuggled onto shore to awaiting members of the Asian Triad, become the focal points of blackmail and murder, Not nice items to be offered on a weekend cruise, but they do offer up an exciting read in CRUISE TO CRITIQUE.

Cruise to Mayhem

Cruise to Mayhem, the debut novel in the Lucky & Led cruise ship mystery series, promises to transport you across the open oceans from one port to the next, but not without excitement, romance and intrigue. Lucky is the volunteer ship chaplain whose cruises end up being so much more than holy. Led, his traveling companion, is constantly on the prow for the perfect lady in his life. In CRUISE TO MAYHEM, together they become mired in sordid situations caused by a nagging WWII Nazis episode, the smuggling of a Van Gogh aboard, a murder or two, several deceptions, and for good (?) measure, throw in a threat of blackmail. Add a steamer trunk packed with humor and romance and you have the wardrobe befitting a great novel read. There’s frosting on the cake, as the author of CRUISE TO MAYHEM fills the story with real life cruise ship insights and nuance which both the novice and veteran cruiser will appreciate. Recommended reading while preparing for a cruise, while on one…or after one…or just thinking about your next cruise. And, if you are planning another cruise, so is Lucky and Led. They plan on boarding the Palace Star for the CRUISE TO HELL. Look for it setting sail soon on your favorite E reader device.

Cruise To Yuletide

The holiday season and all are pumped up for a merry, jingle bell cruise in the Caribbean, including our cruise adventurers, Lucky and Led. Both Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated together this year on the ship, so Father Lucky meets his colleague, Rabbi Susan and her family from Philadelphia. Fortunately for Led, the Rabbi’s family includes a beautiful twenty-one year old daughter, Beth who pair up immediately for a bit of fun and romance. The cruise staff are having a challenge with working together as a team; a bit of jealousy and too many alpha males vying for the leadership role. Things go hunky dory until the Rabbi’s family and Led come up missing from their sun and fun day at the beach; the Cruise Director gets caught with his pants down, literally, with a supposedly X girlfriend, by another of his X girlfriends; Santa Claus is stuffed in a closet; the holiday presents are sent overboard into the sea and Led’s estranged family, surprise, surprise, unbeknown to him, is on the same cruise. What a glorious holiday adventure filled with the usual crazy stuff that always seems to be in port or at sea with Lucky and Led.

Cruise To haunt

Lucky and Led pair up again for a run to the Hawaiian Islands. But, it’s not all beach and surfing. They find some fellow cruisers on the manifest who turn out to be bloody thirsty. Oh, by the way, the pesky demons also have mastered the art of shape shifting. Who are you, really? Add the fun and festivities of Halloween aboard the cruise and we are all in for a horrendous monster mash of a night. Will our heroes be able to vanquish the spirits of the undead? Place yourself on the Aloha Star’s manifest and come along on the CRUISE TO HAUNT. Hey, download a copy and order a double bloody Mary while you’re at it.